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CrossFit is a sport suitable for every age and body shape, because thanks to the variety of exercises and loads, each athlete can achieve excellent performance while respecting their personal needs and within their limits. The workouts are fully scalable; in fact, a beginner can complete the same workout as a CrossFit veteran, with only the load and intensity of the exercises varying. The benefits of CrossFit have also been found with sedentary or overweight people, older people or individuals affected by diseases, and their physical improvements were surprising. Our program is not focused on the development of a specific type of physical body shape but aims to improve skills in ten areas of fitness: cardio-respiratory resistance, strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, power, agility, coordination, balance and precision.

Contrary to popular belief, CrossFit is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or age. Some women fear losing their sensuality or seeing their body heavily transformed, but the truth is that with a good CrossFit workout you will achieve an increased tone, flexibility and endurance in a short time.

As in all sports, the most important aspect is the technique. It is essential to follow your coach’s instructions in order to be able to perform WOD safely, calibrating the training on one’s own possibilities and paying close attention to the execution of each movement.

The On-Ramp is a programme designed to introduce beginners to the fundamentals of CrossFit. As part of the On-Ramp, you will be followed step by step by a certified coach and each phase will help you prepare for a real CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day).
By following the instructions of your coach and exercising gradually, it will allow you to acquire the necessary techniques to perform the exercises safely and avoid injuries.
When you master all the techniques proposed in the On-Ramp, you will be ready to move on to your actual CrossFit course.

The On-ramp programme is designed to introduce newcomers to the basics of CrossFit and is aimed at all those who:

* Intend to start a training program to improve their physical levels.

* Have done physical activity or practiced a sport in the past but have been inactive for a long time and want to start again, gradually.

* Regularly engage in physical activities or practice a sport but have never tried CrossFit before.

CrossFit stands out from all the traditional courses because:

* When you are in the box you won’t use any gym machines, just specific equipment and your own muscles;

* It allows you to do a full workout in just 1 hour;

* During each session, all CrossFitters are the same without any distinctions;

* When you enter the box, you become part of a real community where you will find mutual support and encouragement.

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